CUFA International Projects Fund

CUFA International Projects Fund

Cause Area: Overseas Aid and Development

Country: Australia


Mission Statement

Cufa helps people through education, employment and enterprise opportunities focused on building community self-reliance to alleviate poverty in the Asia-Pacific.


Cufa helps people to break free from poverty by empoweringthem with the skills and resources so they can manage and save moneyfor a sustainable and independent future.Our work is focused on building and promoting the development of financial cooperatives throughout the Asia Pacific to help alleviate poverty in some of the poorest communities of our neighbouring region. Through sustainable development, Cufa supports communities and helps people build a brighter future for themselves.Instead of just giving money, Cufahas been teaching people how to use it since 1971. Cufas unique development approach centres on the individual with its impact extending to the whole community. We help entrepreneurs develop small businesses, providing employment opportunities and retaining income within the village.
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