Brain Foundation

Brain Foundation

Cause Area: Medical research

Country: Australia


Mission Statement

Brain Research; a Headache and Migraine; Prognoses for Disorders; Research Projects


The Brain Foundation calls for and assesses the merit of research applications in all fields of neuroscience from around the nation.We call upon the generosity of Australians to donate and nominate the particular brain disorder they wish to support. Those funds are held in a separate account and only applied when a sufficiently strong project is identified. If the donated funds are insufficient then we add ours to make sure that the project goes ahead.Information is provided about the prognoses and treatments for many disorders to help individuals suffering and their family and friends understand the management and outcomes.There is a separate division, because of the millions who suffer a headache or the intermittent disability of a migraine. The site helps sufferers to understand and manage their condition better and encourages them to join the National Headache Register.
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