Bionics Institute

Bionics Institute

Cause Area: Medical research

Country: Australia


Mission Statement

The Bionics Institute’s mission is to undertake innovative research into areas of clinical need to develop medical devices and diagnostic tools which can help to transform people’s lives.


The Bionics Institute is an independent medical research organisation and registered charity founded in 1986 by Prof Graeme Clark AC, developer of the world-first cochlear implant. Today, 450,000 people around the world have the gift of hearing thanks to Prof Clarks work. We now use similar bionic technology to develop innovative health solutions to address medical conditions in which there are limitations to current treatments. We take our research from an idea and translate it through to clinical trials with patients. Current projects includes: an implantable seizure monitor for epilepsy, personalised deep brain stimulation for Parkinsons disease, an implant to suppress inflammation for people suffering from Crohns disease, new ways to fit and tune hearing devices for hearing impaired babies, new treatment for type 2 diabetes, an implant to record brain activity after stroke, and a therapeutic stimulator that can arrest retinal degeneration for people with vision impairment. Support us and you will help transform the lives of people with chronic and debilitating conditions.
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