ABCN Australian Business and Community Network Scholarship Foundation

ABCN Australian Business and Community Network Scholarship Foundation

Cause Area: Children and Young People

Country: Australia


Mission Statement

The ABCN Foundation aims to level the playing field and empower high-potential young people from low socio-economic status (SES) backgrounds to achieve their potential.


All children have the right to receive a strong education, no matter their background or where they live.Help us to open the door to unlimited potential. We need your help today.The ABCN Foundations Accelerate program provides a unique combination of financial aid and corporate mentoring over the crucial Years 11, 12 and the following year, to exceptional scholars around Australia who are experiencing significant family, social, cultural or economic challenges. Their circumstances mean that, despite showing high potential, they may be denied the chance to succeed.YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCEWe have provided over 225 scholarships since inception in 2013 and distributed $1,246,000 in financial aid to these incredible young people.But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We know that we can do more. Applications for scholarships continue to rise annually and in order to support more high-potential students we need your support.Donate today!
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