99.9 Live FM – Live FM Development Fund

99.9 Live FM – Live FM Development Fund

Cause Area: Health and Wellbeing

Country: Australia

Website: www.livefm.com.au

Mission Statement

To communicate hope, and introduce (connect) people to Jesus Christ.


99.9 Live FM is a local not-for-profit community radio station, and one of Australias exciting and progressive Christian-based media organisations. Reaching more than 15 000 North Queenslanders every week, Live FM delivers positive and wholesome entertainment, using a combinations of traditional and new media platforms on which to communicate with out audience. Live FM believes the media influences community values. This is why Live FM is positioned as the only radio station in North Queensland that strengthens families and promotes individual self-worth through quality of life programming and current affairs news bulletins. Everything about Live FM is pro-family, which means there is no swearing, smut, sleaze or innuendo. You wont hear racist, sexist or offensive material, cynicism, or crude lyrics in the music. Live FM connects with other charities and service organisations to assist with profile raising and helps them gain momentum with their events and projects.
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