24-7 Unite

24-7 Unite

Cause Area: Children and Young People

Country: New Zealand

Website: www.unitechurch.org.nz/24-7-unite#/

Mission Statement

The mission of 24-7 YouthWork is to provide presence-based youth work, being there for young people; and to see 24-7 YouthWork contributing to vibrant local communities.


24-7 Unite resources youth workers who engage with young people at Nelson College.We believe that when our youth workers establish meaningful relationships with young people, it creates future opportunities for role modeling, support, encouragement, and advocacy.When a young person is struggling, it can often already be too late to form the meaningful recognition and relationship that enables a youth worker to empower and support them.Our focus is presence-based youth work, meaning that we dont target our work only towards young people who have been identified as at-risk or in need of support, but instead we aim to be present in the lives of young people all across Nelson College.This means that when faced with the inevitable challenges life throws their way, young people at Nelson College know they have someone to go to.
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