The importance of a ‘Thank you’

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In November 2017 Caritas took workplace giving to the next level, running Good2Give’s 28 Days of Giving campaign to help increase one-off and ongoing donations. The campaign challenges people to give a little bit each day throughout the month of November, with a range of suggested challenges for inspiration.

“We found the campaign very proactive and creative – we would use it again,” said Paul Metcalfe, Caritas Australia’s Philanthropy Lead.

“It was a new way for us to leverage off another organisation and connect our work with different messaging and ideas for fundraising and giving. We shared messages that we felt were closely aligned to the work we do and programs we support at Caritas. It helped to reinforce how our work aligned with the themes of the campaign. Caritas has a growing social media audience and connecting our programs with the work Good2Give does with workplace giving is a very positive message to promote,” he said.

The importance of a ‘Thank you’

Whether it’s for major campaigns, one-off giving or ongoing donations, Caritas strongly believes in the importance of a simple ‘Thank you’.

“We love thanking donors, but with most third-party platforms it’s not possible to know who the donors are” said Paul.

“We like working with Good2Give as we can see who donates through workplace giving and, through the Good2Give Platform, we can thank donors for their generosity, send monthly newsletter updates, and update our profile regularly.” he said.

At Good2Give we know that 4 in 5 workplace givers want to know what impact their donation has. So, thanking them for their generosity and providing updates is a great way to connect with them, engage them in charity activity and programs, and encourage future giving.

“Workplace giving donors are high value donors giving on average $70 a month, and when you add in company matching, this figure jumps to $120 a month. It’s really important that we thank our workplace givers for these generous donations and keep them informed as to the important work Caritas is doing” said Paul.

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