Good2Give Grants Programs

Good2Give advises on and administers best practice grants programs. Our service includes program development, management, administration, technology solutions and reporting, supported by clear governance and auditing.


Our process ensures that your grants programs run efficiently and cost effectively

Good2Give offers a suite of grants services to suit a variety of grant programs. We can manage all the complexities of a grants program, or any specific aspects of the program that are too complex or labour intensive for your organisation.

We can carry out due diligence and secure fund transfers to approved grant recipients through a Good2Give Foundation or Trust Account.

Good2Give services:

  • Best practice advice for new or existing grants programs
  • Technology solutions tailored to each client
  • Application review and assessment
  • Recipient validation and due diligence
  • Foundation and/or Trust Accounts
  • Funds distribution
  • Marketing and promotion

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Types of Grants Programs

Types of grants programs

Employee-nominated grants

Employees nominate recipients to receive grants from their employer. Recipients may be charities, community organisations as well as individuals, depending on the client’s needs.

Employees typically nominate recipients with which they volunteer or have a close connection, which is why these grants are particularly effective at engaging staff and fostering a sense of collective effort.

External applications

Charities and/or community organisations apply directly to receive a grant. Companies typically focus their charitable grants programs in one or two focus areas, with a dedicated annual grant distribution budget.

Features and Benefits

We make things easy for our clients, applicants and recipients

Program development

Good2Give provides expert guidance and support to our clients to ensure a robust grants program is implemented for each grant round. We work closely with businesses to ensure they deliver on program objectives, whilst considering the needs of the community sector.

Technology solution

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to manage your grants program. The platform is fully bespoke and tailored to meet your needs. It offers the ability to:

  • Attract applicants, and securely manage large volumes of applications at any given time.
  • Deliver useful reporting, including completion and acquittal reports.
  • Send automated communications to grant applicants and recipients using customised templates.
  • Provide a clear audit trail of the process of selection and funds distribution.


Good2Give makes it easy to review and assess grant applications. We help identify evaluation criteria for each grant type, and develop a thorough, transparent and accountable assessment process. Good2Give can also be part of the evaluation process as an independent committee member, if desired.

Validation and due diligence process

Good2Give streamlines the validation and due diligence of grant applications by performing probity checks on potential recipients, collecting and validating essential data such as taxation information, contact information and appropriate bank details specific to each grant.

We have validated over 2,800 applications to determine successful grant recipients.

Funds distribution

Good2Give securely deliverers funds to a broad variety of grant recipients. We keep the process simple for clients and recipients; and we disperse funds swiftly.

Best practice advice

We provide expert guidance for implementing different types of grants programs, with a deep understanding of applicant and recipient needs, along with our broader sector knowledge.

Case Studies

Stockland Community Grants

As Australia’s largest diversified property company, Stockland’s purpose is to create ‘a better way to live’ by shaping communities that thrive, now and into the future. The Stockland Community Grants Program encourages local community organisations in and around Stockland assets across Australia to apply and receive funding for initiatives that directly contribute to the local community. Applicants must demonstrate their initiative will positively support local health, leisure and recreation, employment, education or social engagement programs. Good2Give began working with Stockland in 2013 to assist in the development of its Retail Community Grants Program. Since that time Stockland’s program has been running successfully, with over $330,000 distributed to 361 community organisations in FY14 and FY15. In 2016, Stockland has expanded the program, offering over $330,000 in grants funding to communities in and around its retail centres, residential communities and retirement living villages.

Amy Hogan, National Sustainability Manager says, “We took a strategic approach to our Community Grants program, engaging key stakeholders from our business to ensure we deliver a program that resonates with the diverse communities in which we operate. Core to our program’s success is effective due diligence on short-listed applicants and the seamless transfer of funds to our grant winners. We are pleased to have chosen Good2Give as our validation partner to deliver these key program components for us.”


Good2Give worked with Aurizon to develop their inaugural Community Grants Program strategy and online portal which launched in September 2011. This perpetual program encourages charitable organisations to seek grants of up to $20,000 bi-annually for community based projects nationwide. Good2Give’s development of a purpose-built, Aurizon branded online registration platform enables charities to submit their applications online as well as capture all application data to provide detailed reporting at the touch of a button including review and evaluation process as well as historical information to Aurizon.

The portal also encompasses electronic branded communications for each stage of the grants process which has simplified the administrative resourcing and communications requirements. This has resulted in an automated yet personalised approach.

With hundreds of worthwhile applications received each round, Good2Give’s online platform functionality simplifies the work involved for the Aurizon Community Giving Fund team.

Following five very successful donation rounds, Good2Give’s grants platform has enabled the Aurizon Community Giving Fund to provide cash grants to over 200 charitable projects across Australia. The automated banking and funds distribution component of the platform means grants to approved and validated charities take place seamlessly from the Aurizon Community Giving Fund which is established as a Good2Give Foundation Account. This not only reduces Aurizon’s administrative expenses and time but also provides a level of objectivity and due diligence with third party auditing, validation, approval and distribution of funds.

Project completion reports are also submitted online allowing Aurizon to monitor the impact of their grants in the community on a regular basis.

In 2012, Aurizon brand tracking research revealed more than a 10 per cent increase in community perception of the company’s trustworthiness and support of grass roots charities and organisations; and a jump of 13 per cent in community awareness of Aurizon’s involvement and support of local activities and charities.


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