Good2Give Corporate Foundations

Make your company’s giving easy by alleviating many of the time-consuming tasks normally involved in running a corporate foundation.


Management services for your corporate foundation

With our expert knowledge of the not for profit sector, including relevant legislation regulatory and reporting requirements, Good2Give provides comprehensive services to manage your giving budget in a secure, transparent and effective way.

What Good2Give offers

Good2Give Foundation Account
A Foundation Account is a sub-fund of the Good2Give Community Fund, a Public Ancillary Fund (PuAF). This effectively enables you to outsource the management and administration of your foundation, knowing that we will be on hand, making sure that all your charitable grants go to eligible organisations.

Independent Foundation Management
We advise and manage independent PuAFs and PAFs (Private Ancillary Funds) for corporate clients who find the reporting and regulatory requirements onerous. This management service frees up your time to engage staff and stakeholders in your community investment programs.

Trust Accounts
Good2Give provides trustee services for companies who like to extend their giving beyond Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 charities, to grass roots community organisations, individuals in need, or emerging social enterprises.

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Features and Benefits

Making corporate foundation management easy

Make your company’s giving easy by alleviating many of the time-consuming tasks normally involved in running a foundation.

Management of administration

Reduce the responsibilities of administration. As the trustee of your corporate foundation, we take on everything from statutory compliance, auditing through to financial reporting, investment management and more.

Safety and security

Ensure your company’s money is secure and obtain the tax benefit immediately by having money paid off the balance sheet into the foundation. Good2Give’s Investment Committee is a Board sub-committee responsible for all investments as per our Investment Policy.


Be confident that your corporate foundation is compliant with the complex Australian and New Zealand legislation and regulations. Ensure the integrity of your brand is not put at risk.

Fundraising licences

Save time and resources by accessing our fundraising licences when undertaking fundraising activities beyond your employees.

Online donation facility

Allow anyone to donate directly to your company’s foundation. A number of payment methods are accepted, with tax receipts issued, donor details recorded, and a secure tracking system that links donations, pledges and reporting.

Targeted giving

By offering the option of setting up a trust account you can also increase the flexibility in your giving programs.

Case Studies

Medibank Health Research Fund

Medibank established the Medibank Health Research Fund (MHRF) as a public ancillary fund to accept tax deductible donations from the public and employees, but did not want the administrative burden of managing donations, receipts and the compliance requirements associated with administering this fund.

To reduce this administrative burden, Medibank wanted to partner with an organisation whose core business was charitable giving and managing donor funds. Good2Give, who had been Medibank’s Workplace Giving provider since 2011, was approached to develop a solution whereby Good2Give would become Trustee of the MHRF.

Good2Give now manages the administration of the Fund and donations, enabling Medibank to focus on its area of expertise with regards to the identification of research areas, selection of research and ongoing monitoring of research being supported via an internal Health and Research Governance Committee.

Rita Marigliani, Head of Corporate Responsibility explains the value of outsourcing this work, “This model allows Medibank the valuable opportunity to partner with employees, members, the broader community via their donations while focusing its activity on supporting the better health of the community by identifying research funding opportunities and working with research institutions, while Good2Give is well placed to manage the regulatory requirements of the administration of the MHRF.”

Stockland CARE Foundation

The administration associated with our community investment program is enormous. Leaving these tasks to the experts means we can concentrate on sharing the positive stories that come out of our assets and offices with our customers and continuously improve how we deliver community investment and development across our business.” Jane Andrews, CARE Foundation &
Community Partnerships Manager, Stockland.

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