The potential is huge

Good2Give has been distributing essential funding through our services to over 6,000 charitable organisations for nearly two decades. In the 2018-19 financial year we delivered $19.9 million to over 2,500 not-for-profits, with 99 per cent of every dollar received going directly to the not-for-profit.

We work with small community-based and grassroots organisations, large charities with household names, research institutes and organisations raising awareness for positive change.

Access low-cost, high value donations and reduce your costs

As a not-for-profit ourselves, we believe in strengthening the charitable sector by offering low-cost funding models like workplace giving, with the opportunity to maximise donations through corporate matching programs.

By signing your charity up to workplace giving , you have the opportunity to attract generous workplace givers who give more than $800 on average, per person, to charity annually.

Our tried and tested technology and processes mean that Good2Give reduces the administrative, marketing and financial workload for charities.

Attract younger donors and reach a wider audience

Workplace giving enables businesses to connect with its purpose-driven employees, by providing them with a way to support the causes they care about. 69 per cent of workplace givers are aged between 18 – 49 years compared to 22 per cent of general public donors.

Through the Good2Give workplace giving platform, charities can build relationships with young, motivated donors and extend reach and supporter base through our network of more than 15,000 donors in Australia and New Zealand.

Run appeals and focus on a cause area or theme

Appeals allow charities to encourage and promote workplace giving donations for a specific project or theme, whether it is seasonal or program based.

Good2Give’s team of marketing communications professionals produce a range of high quality promotional assets, templates and toolkits, which charities can utilise when launching or promoting workplace giving appeals

Get to know your workplace givers

Good2Give’s Workplace Giving platform allows charities to easily communicate with their donors on a regular basis, and send special thank you messages to show them they are appreciated.

Our reporting dashboard helps charities learn the demographics of donors, including their names, who they work for and how much they give (if shared).

Tap into company matched programs

Through the Good2Give Workplace Giving platform, companies can maximise the expression of goodwill by matching employee donations – meaning charities have the opportunity to receive more. More than 60% of companies with Good2Give match their employee donations.

Workplace givers are a unique group of passionate donors and almost half of would increase their donations if asked – 33 per cent uplift for regular donations and 46 per cent during seasonal periods. This generosity equates to an additional $1.3 million in donations that charities are missing out on from Good2Give’s workplace givers alone.