Giving is Good Business

It is now a requirement for business to strive for purpose as well as profit, and companies can benefit from corporate community investment in many ways.

Connect with a purpose driven workforce

This generation and future talent want the companies where they work to be socially and environmentally responsible.

Good2Give’s workplace giving solution enables companies to empower employees to make change, represent the interests of staff and enable them to feel connected to the causes they care about. Through giving, companies can attract the purpose-led talent of the future and display commitment to driving social impact.

Boost employee engagement

Companies can improve their staff participation, morale and retention by matching employees workplace giving donations, through the Good2Give platform.

Good2Give creates tailor-made plans and customisable campaigns, which companies can utilise to motivate their workforce to give and to take part in giving activities.

Achieve greater impact for your business and the community

Good2Give supports the development of strategic approaches, with ambitious yet achievable objectives to maximise impact, engagement and partnerships and make the most of corporate community investments.

Good2Give’s solutions enable companies to align business requirements with community objectives and support cause areas that reflect company values. They also allow businesses to display their dedication to an ethical, inclusive workplace that advances social change and sustainable development.

Build a better place to work

Good2Give’s 2015 Workplace Givers Revealed research report found eight out of ten employees surveyed felt their company’s workplace giving program reflected a genuine commitment to the community. And over 85 per cent of survey respondents also felt this form of community engagement and generosity made their company a better place to work.