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Give a little – gain a lot. Businesses that invest in communities make a positive difference and realise benefits beyond just ‘doing good’. When companies give, they create thriving communities for future talent, retain star performers, attract customers and clients, and build brands that inspire loyalty and trust.

Giving creates social and environmental value, because investing in people and the future of our planet creates a brighter future for everyone.

Corporate community investment brings various facets of giving together to create cultural, commercial and community value for businesses.

Good2Give is committed to growing giving in Australia and New Zealand. We support partner organisations, thought leadership and the wider conversation about giving and social investment in various forms. We focus our energies on empowering businesses and the workforce of Australia and New Zealand to give. Good2Give works with more than 150 businesses to inspire, enable and maximise the benefit of corporate community investment programs across various sectors and industries.

We do this by providing businesses with effective, tried-and-tested technology solutions and customised programs that engage the entire value chain and a diverse range of stakeholders through giving.

Discover how giving is valuable for charities, the community, businesses and donors. We also provide key facts and insights on the latest thinking, evidence, exemplars and innovations in giving.


Giving is a win-win for business. Find out how giving workplaces are better workplaces.

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Giving provides charities with the financial investment they need to deliver a positive and enduring impact for people and our planet.

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Looking for the latest know-how, facts and figures, and links to key organisations and knowledge on giving? You’ve come to the right place.

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