Corporate giving with impact, tailored to your business needs

Good2Give helps companies maximise the impact and benefits of charitable giving through effective technology solutions, as well as expert advice on community investment, including workplace giving, grants programs, corporate foundations and sustainable charity partnerships.

Create a better place to work

Eight out of ten employees surveyed felt their company’s workplace giving program reflected a genuine commitment to the community. Over 85 per cent of survey respondents also felt this form of community engagement and generosity made their company a better place to work. Source – Good2Give 2015 Workplace Givers Revealed research report

Boost employee engagement

Improve staff participation, morale and retention by matching your employees’ charitable activity, from workplace giving donations, fundraising and/or volunteering efforts. We can create a tailor-made plan that works with your business and community investment objectives.

Achieve greater impact for your business and the community

Whether you’re looking for effective solutions for your charitable giving, advice on developing sustainable partnerships with charities, or guidance on maximising your impact through the development of a long-term corporate community investment strategy, Good2Give can help you to make more of an impact and derive significant benefit for your company.

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Source – Good2Give 2015 Australia Customer Insights research

Good2Give Workplace Giving for Companies

Good2Give Workplace Giving enables employees to make pre-tax donations to registered charities direct from their pay.

For more information on Good2Give Workplace Giving for companies click here.