About Us

Good2Give is a not-for-profit organisation that makes it easy for businesses and donors to give.

We are committed to building a more giving society that supports the far-reaching and valuable work of the charity sector because we believe in working towards a bright future for everyone.

Good2Give is a not-for-profit that makes it easy for businesses, their employees and customers to support the communities and causes they care about.

Committed to building a more giving society, Good2Give provides innovative technology solutions to help businesses, donors and charities connect. As well as advising businesses on how to engage with charities, Good2Give’s market-leading technology platforms allow for the efficient and secure processing of around a million transactions annually.

Since 2001, Good2Give has facilitated $285 million in charitable giving to more than 8,000 Australian and international communities.\

Our Mission

Inspire businesses and people to make a difference.

Our Vision

Be the leading platform for charitable giving.

Our Values

TrustedThe due diligence we undertake mitigates risk for businesses and donors alike. To date we’ve delivered over $270 million to more than 8,000 communities.
VisionaryWe’re a fintech for good, passionate about making a difference by inspiring businesses and people to give to create better and fairer communities.
SimpleWe make the complicated simple, applying our expertise and technology, to make giving easy.
Customer-drivenWe’re passionate about our customers and their community impact, and we go the extra mile to help them achieve their community engagement goals.
TeamworkGood2Givers think and act as a team to ensure the best outcomes for our customers. We’re professional, capable and action-oriented. We’re diverse in who we are and how we think. We care and appreciate each other, and like to have fun!


Good2Give is certified ISO27001 compliant by Compass Assurance Services.