About Us

Good2Give is a not-for-profit organisation that makes it easy for businesses and donors to give.

We are committed to building a more giving society that supports the far-reaching and valuable work of the charity sector because we believe in working towards a bright future for everyone.

Good2Give is a not-for-profit that makes it easy for businesses, their employees and customers to support the communities and causes they care about.

Committed to building a more giving society, Good2Give provides innovative technology solutions to help businesses, donors and charities connect. As well as advising businesses on how to engage with charities, Good2Give’s market-leading technology platforms allow for the efficient and secure processing of around a million transactions annually.

Since 2001, Good2Give has facilitated $250 million to more than 8,000 Australian and international communities.

Our Mission

To inspire businesses and people to build a more giving society.

Our Vision

To deliver $300 million to charitable communities by 2022.

Our Values

Customer focusedOur customers come first whether they are businesses, donors or charities. By providing end-to-end, innovative solutions, we ensure our customers receive the highest quality outcome for their needs. We are passionate about our customers, their impact and going the extra mile to achieve this.
Community impactLike our customers, we are committed to giving. The positive impact giving has on communities is what drives us every day. Connecting businesses, donors and charities, we enable more efficient funding for communities in need, and take the initiative to advocate for wider change to drive greater levels of giving.
TrustedData security and customer confidentiality is paramount. You can be confident the thorough due diligence we undertake mitigates risk for businesses and donors alike.
Honesty and integrityWe do what we say we do and are transparent in all interactions. We follow regulation and work closely with industry to ensure best practices are followed. We care about our customers and communities and always act responsibly.
Continuous improvementWe strive on a daily basis to continually improve what we do by being flexible and innovative in our approach and by listening to our customers. We are committed to technical excellence in all that we do.
Our people are keyWe are professional, capable, action-oriented and passionate. We respect one another and use teamwork for better outcomes. We are committed to learning and encourage professional development when possible. We are diverse in who we are and how we think, and we care and appreciate each other.