Workplace giving trends and innovations

At Good2Give, we are constantly researching the latest in workplace giving trends, using that information to create new and innovative ways for our clients to give. Our CEO, Lisa Grinham, joined Krystian Siebert from CSI Swinburne, Danielle Maxwell from Findex and Ariahne Thompson from WWF-Australia to discuss what’s changing the face of giving in our workplaces. And what does the future of workplace giving look like?

Offering a technology platform for employees to donate to charities is a license to operate for all employers. Employers need technology that offers versatility, ease of management and a range of giving options. Employees too are looking for simplicity, and the ability to choose charities they’re personally connected to support. Charities are looking for data on their donors and ways they can help maximise workplace giving engagement.

Get creative with your workplace giving campaigns

With workplace giving becoming more mainstream, program managers within corporates are becoming more inventive. Not only is this a strategic play, but it’s also a way of introducing more fun and engagement into their employee giving. For example, one of Good2Give’s clients recently asked staff to donate their last hour of pay for the year. With 20% of their employees participating, this significant increase in donors and donations was a win for all involved. Another client is pushing this even further, asking people to donate their ‘pay for a day’.  We know a crucial factor for program success is the endorsement of internal stakeholders. From the CEO down, leadership need to be supportive of new ideas for them to really resonate with staff.

Business leaders are also making the most of workplace giving trends that deliver more than giving alone. Good2Give’s Giving Circles at Work collective giving concept has tapped into the trend of innovation in leadership programs. It’s a great way to build a positive culture that goes beyond an employee’s normal role. Our pilot program with Westpac Group tested the concept prior to COVID-19, and saw great results. There is so much more to do with this concept, and we’re encouraged by the pilot’s results. With 82% of participants saying their working lives and performance were positively impacted, we see an exciting potential for Giving Circles at Work to increase giving.

Use data to maximise the impact of your workplace giving campaign

Increasingly, organisations are using their workplace giving platform data to understand what means the most to their employees. This data can be used to create giving campaigns donors are interested in and increase the value and relevance of the CSR programs with their employees. With this, comes more innovation around the storytelling element, understanding what giving means to employees, and encouraging them to share with their colleagues. With that understanding, they can address issues or areas of concern with enhanced support such as double or triple matching donations.

Opt-out vs opt-in to workplace giving

Another exciting innovation in workplace giving trends is the concept of opt-out versus opt-in.  When employees join an organisation, this new approach automatically sets them up with a modest donation of around $5-10 a month. The employee needs to actively opt-out and turn the donation off. It’s a fundamental change of mindset which could revolutionise engagement rates.

Use strategic events to boost employee engagement

Engagement rates are something that Danielle Maxwell and her team at Findex truly understand. Danielle noted that workplace giving is often perceived as something only large corporates can do well. Since their workplace giving program was put in place in 2018, Findex has used storytelling and strategic events such as ‘Giving Week’ to grow their engagement. With 50% of their 3000 staff voluntarily registered, as a medium scale business, this is a brilliant result.

Charities want to get involved in workplace giving campaigns

Charities become more involved with their corporate partners which is building awareness of this important income channel to charities. Ariahne Thompson discussed how WWF-Australia have been working more closely with corporates and donors.

Ariahne recommends establishing a good relationship with your workplace giving platform provider. She also encourages creating Workplace Giving user groups, where donors can share their challenges and insights. The information these relationships can provide is extremely valuable. Any information that helps you understand your donor will help you become more targeted. If you can’t get this information, your campaigns will need to be more generally focused.

When smaller organisations don’t have the benefit of a workplace giving platform, the challenge is similar. Understand your audience and pitch to companies that focus on your cause. To increase the relevance to donors, you may need to create value-add opportunities such as hosting fundraisers or ‘lunch and learn’ sessions.

Listen to the full 60min webinar below.