Giving Resolution #8

Updated November 2018

Pursue your Passion, Share your Skills

Come 1 Jan, many of us wonder whether we are doing enough to chase our dreams. Setting aside time for the things we love can be tricky. Don’t get stuck in thinking that because you have a full-time job, you can’t practice your hobbies or do something productive.

Take the leap – make this the year that you pursue your passion and help others at the same time. You’ll feel good, your skills will have a purpose and the best part – you can help others at the same time.


Plenty of charities appreciate you lending them your skills. If you have a passion to teach, or want to build skills for your dream career, get in touch with charities to see how you can help.

In Australia

  • The Smith Family: Donate a couple of hours each into tutoring at a learning club and provide out-of-school support to students from low socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Redkite: Polish up your skills and volunteer in the Redkite office. Or get your fundraising hat on and help out at a corporate quiz.
  • The Wilderness Society: Love the outdoors? Engage your local community and help save the environment by joining The Wilderness Society’s movement for life.

Check out Seek Volunteer for more opportunities.


If you are thinking of volunteering overseas there are some very important things to consider:

  1. What country will you go to? Have you visited this country before? Do you have friends or contacts there? Do you understand the culture? Is the country currently listed as dangerous to travel to? Check the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for regular updates.
  2. Are you volunteering for a reputable charity and will your skills be useful? Ausaid connects qualified volunteers to opportunities overseas. Organisations like ConCERT Cambodia encourage responsible tourism by vetting all the projects listed on their site. They also provide volunteer advice with best practice on how to help.


Whether it’s for family, friends, colleagues or strangers – teach a class in your favourite sport, dance, or craft. Find a space and print out some posters. If you’re charging, donate the proceeds to charity. If you want to do more than a one-off session, join a local club or get chatting to your local school.

Selling Products

Whether you love to paint, photograph, knit, dance, design, or sing, share your talents with the wider world and sell, sell, sell. Use eBay and Gumtree to sell products online, or wow your loved ones or colleagues with an exhibition or concert. Don’t forget to donate the proceeds to charity.

A New Job

If you are thinking of going all out and taking a job in the not for profit sector here’s a few pointers.
Ethical Jobs, Devex and Pro Bono Australia list job opportunities in Australia and Overseas.

Charities like Medecins Sans Frontieres run regular recruitment days so you can top up your knowledge before taking the plunge.

If you will be working overseas, check the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for regular travel safety updates.

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