Giving Resolution #10

Updated November 2018

Be less Materialistic, Purchase with Purpose

In our consumer driven world, it is easy to think this New Year’s resolution is too tricky. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever buy anything again. Instead of shunning all material objects, get ethical with your shopping.

Buy Ethically

When you purchase Fairtrade goods you are supporting responsible sourcing of materials, sustainability, good workforce conditions and fair terms of trade.

If you purchase ethical goods from charities such as Oxfam, you may even be helping tackle poverty, whilst buying a unique gift that you won’t see in any other shops.

Here’s some ethical stores that will help you do good with your goods!

  • OzFairtrade support Fairtrade producers in low income countries by purchasing their products and then re-selling them via their online store. You can even read about the artisans themselves on the website.
  • Lush Cosmetics Australia purchase goods from supplies who ensue their staff have a safe working environment, who don’t test on animals and who try to preserve plants and animals which are endangered.
  • Oxfam sources its products from farmers and producers in developing countries around the world. The funds from each purchase helps poor communities lift themselves out of poverty.
  • Goodsmiths provide an online shopping platform selling goods from businesses which give back. Shop for gifts, catering, food and experiences.
  • Rachel Cassar recycles pre-loved garments by taking them apart, and re-using the materials to create new garments.

You could also head to your local op shop and pick up some vintage. Or, you could be selective about the ingredients in your threads. Choosing natural fibres like linen will make less of an environmental impact.

Forego Gifts

Foregoing presents means that instead of receiving a bunch of things you’ll never use, you can opt to have your loved ones donate to your favourite charity instead. If your employer is on Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform, you can even make your own Fundraising at Work page, so you can see how much was raised for your milestone.

If you are having a wedding dinner, or hosting a high tea for your birthday, why not print out some little thank you cards with the link where people can donate? Or spread the word and print out a flyer letting your guests know who or what their money will help.