#28GivingDays | Create a fundraiser

Challenge yourself, achieve your goals and make a difference to others – that’s the great thing about completing a fundraising challenge. On Day 26 of your 28 Days of Giving, we urge you to set yourself a goal and start rallying the support of your cheerleaders to donate to the cause you will get into action for.

There’s a great way you can rally support for the causes you care about and actually do something to build support, raise awareness and empower others to be a part of positive change: challenge yourself to hold a fundraising event, or participate in one and get people to sponsor you.

You don’t have to do this alone – you get pull together a team of likeminded individuals, colleagues, friends or your family.

Maybe you have been personally impacted by a life event, or seen someone you love suffer through a life-threatening disease. Maybe you just really believe in creating a fairer, more just world where all people have opportunities. Maybe you want to eradicate poverty. Maybe you want to be a part of drive for something positive like cleaner communities, better schools, empowered girls and young women.

Maybe you want to rally your team at work around a common cause that speaks to your organisation’s values or corporate social responsibility or sustainability aims. Fundraising together is a great team building experience, where people collaborate, build each other’s morale and enjoy the unity of meeting a collective goal.

What fundraising activities can you do?

The choices are almost endless.

  • If you’re an adventurer or a sports fanatic: marathons, triathlons, mountain climbs, cycling expeditions, bungee jumps, abseils, hikes and swimming are impressive ways to test your stamina, get your thrill seeker buzz, and encourage your friends to sponsor you.
  • If you are less of an adrenaline junkie but still want to compete in some way: sponsored head shaves, cook offs, readathons and sausage sizzles are equally good ways of raising money, and perhaps a little more child friendly.
  • Got little ones? By engaging your children in fundraising, you promote their feelings of self-worth, boost their self-esteem and give them something to be proud of when they tell their class on Monday.

Whatever your passion, pick a cause and get fundraising! Take a look at these organisations to get yourself started:

  • Go Fundraise let you search by cause or event, and set up your own personal fundraising page. If you can’t find an event that you want to join, create your own and tailor it to your own needs.
  • Want to join an established charity event, like The Great Cycle Challenge Australia? Take a look at OurCommunity.com.au for a calendar of charity events in Australia. They also let you know about milestones like Mental Health Month, which you may want to time your fundraiser around for maximum impact
  • Running a fundraiser with little ones? The Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists provide fundraising materials and ideas for schools, clubs, child care and community groups.
  • Want to raise money for a specific charity? They may be running an event near you. Google them and see if you can join.

Are you taking part in the 28 Days of Giving Challenge?
To celebrate 
#GivingTuesday, we are asking Australians to give a little each day and then share their efforts with a photo or post on Facebook or LinkedIn. All you need to do is tag @good2give #28GivingDays #GivingTuesday with your post, and our team will elect their choice of the two best photos and donate $200 to that person’s charity of choice.

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