International Day of Charity 2017 – Impact of Giving

The International Day of Charity was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations with the goal of mobilising giving, volunteering and humanitarian efforts across the globe, and it falls on the birthday of Mother Teresa of Calcutta – 5 September.

Good2Give works in partnership with over 1900 charities in Australia and New Zealand. We connect charities to opportunities for corporate community investment through grants, foundation activities and workplace giving.

The money we distribute to the charity sector isn’t just dollars and cents – it’s the fuel for programs and initiatives that aim to eradicate poverty, promote education for all, research the cure for diseases and provide medical and life management support for those in poor health. These are funds that help conserve the environment and mitigate environmental crisis, empower communities to rebuild and heal after disasters and emergencies, and survive through years of conflict. And that’s just a bit about why we do what we do. There’s so much more.

In celebration of the International Day of Charity, we have published an eBook highlighting the essential work of charities that is enabled by the generosity of businesses and their employees. Good2Give is proud to support this sector and the extraordinary dedication of the people who work for purpose every day.

Impact Stories

Read all the blogs of the nine charities featured in our eBook here:

Read the eBook as a pdf, or flick through below.



On the International Day of Charity – we encourage you to sign up to support your charity through giving, volunteering, in-kind support and by sharing their stories to raise awareness. You can follow the conversation online .

If the business you work for has Good2Give’s Workplace Giving platform, you can give through your pay today.