Boost employee morale and create a better place to work

Employees who donate at work are more loyal to their employer and proud of where they work, an Australian landmark report has found.

Good2Give’s comprehensive study Workplace Givers Revealed, identifies new opportunities for employers to tap into employee generosity and create better places to work. We all know how great it makes us feel to give to charities, but we had no idea how positively it impacts pride and morale when done at work.

Some 3,500 Australian employers currently offer workplace giving through their payroll, allowing staff to make donations directly from their pre-tax income and receive the tax benefits immediately. Many companies also choose to match donations supporting the causes their staff personally care for.

Of over 1,000 research participants, 86 per cent said they were “proud” to work at the company because of this offering, and 82 per cent felt their company was “more supportive of charities”. They were also more loyal, with 79 per cent having been with their company for more than three years, and more willing to recommend their company as a good place to work.


Five proven ways to build a vibrant giving program

1/ Ask at point of employment

At your induction, make sure to encourage new employees to participate in your workplace giving program. This strengthens loyalty from word go, sets the tone and is proven to boost your giving levels.

2/ Raise awareness

Don’t leave the onus on employees to find out how they can give pre-tax. Promote your workplace giving program regularly to grow company-wide awareness and maximise the workplace impact of your program. Also don’t forget to promote giving benefits that matter most to employees: Matched giving, broad charity choice and the utter ease of setting a donation.

3/ Normalise

Encourage peer-sharing and senior leadership involvement to help integrate giving into your corporate culture. Also, share the impact of your employees’ charitable contributions to increase workplace pride.

4/ Recognise

Personally recognise your employees’ generosity to build a rewarding giving experience and meet employees’ expressed expectations. Charities can also help nurture the giving experience by connecting directly to donors through your workplace giving program.

5/ Offer charity choice

Give employees the opportunity to connect with the charities and causes that matter most to them. Offer to administer donations not just to charity partners but to all Australian charities.

Introduce a workplace giving program today

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