Time to leverage new fundraising opportunities if we’re going to see giving statistics take a turn for the better, writes Good2Give CEO Lisa Grinham

When it comes to giving, men are lagging and the younger generation remain under-represented.

With Charities Aid Foundation’s UK Giving Report and Australian giving data released this month, it’s apparent that we’re facing these trends in both Australia and abroad.

The UK study found that over 65’s are twice as likely to give as those aged between 16 to 24.  This is no different to our data in Australia where the average donor sits above 60 years old and over 75 per cent of Australian donors are now over 50.

When it comes to gender, women in both countries give more, whether that’s according to the number of women donating, or the proportion of their income in which they give.

Encouragingly, we’re finding that just by introducing giving in the workplace we’re beginning to bridge that gender gap. Over the last twelve months, 46 per cent of those giving using Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform were men, compared 54 per cent of women, which you can now monitor on the latest industry evaluation tool.

It’s great that mobile and online functionality is further increasing uptake among young and passionate professionals. Some 70 per cent of workplace givers are under 50 years compared to other channels where only 22 per cent fall under this age group.

We’re needing to look at how to better engage both younger generations and men when it comes to charitable engagement and giving. That includes reviewing the fundraising channels we use, the messaging we take and learning to better understand what these demographics are after.

Like transforming any consumer behaviour, it’s about listening to what you audience wants, and then going that step further to anticipate future needs. The desires and solutions they didn’t even know existed. It’s not easy, and it requires investment and it requires research.

In the meantime it’s about leveraging the opportunities and promising fundraising methods we have at our feet to encourage giving statistics to take a turn for the better.